This form is intended to be used by individuals to submit requests involving information controlled by Paytronix under various US state laws and EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).   After submission of an eligible request, a confirmation will be sent, which may describe any next steps that may be needed. 
Requests involving data submitted to merchant loyalty and gift card programs must be submitted directly to the merchant.  This form cannot be used to submit a request on behalf of someone else. If you are an authorized agent, please contact our Privacy Office at 617-871-2342 as additional verifications and processes are required.
All fields are required unless otherwise indicated.

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1. Accuracy: the information I have provided is true and accurate. 
2. Privacy: that I understand the information will be handled by Paytronix Systems Inc. in accordance with its Privacy Policy
3. Contact: that Paytronix Systems Inc. has the right to contact me to verify my identity and to process this request.  

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